2019/20 Season Terminated

The FA have officially announced today 26 March 2020 that all results this season in the Isthmian league and other leagues at our level ,step 3 and below will be expunged and that there will be no promotion or relegation at steps 3-6 in the non League pyramid.

No decision has yet been made in respect of the National League save for the decision that there will be no relegation at step 2  from either National League South or North.

Whilst it is an extremely disappointing end for a season that started with so much promise  for the Boro  we can still look forward to the future once this deadly virus has been overcome.

It is difficult to talk about football at this time and its effect upon us and there will be a number of teams who will have suffered as a consequence of today’s decision and may even be critical of the decision made.

We as a Club however wish to pay tribute to the Board of Directors of the Isthmian League and all of the incredible efforts they have gone to in ensuring that we were all kept up to date from the outset concerning  decisions, meetings and issues discussed over the past few weeks and we commend the difficult decisions they have had to make. Their role in representing the Clubs has not ended today and I am aware that they are still rigorously seeking compensation for Clubs and there is much work yet for them to do so it is right that you are all aware of the efforts being undertaken to help all of us .

In due course when life returns to normal I want to re assure our fans that despite the financial implications of the recent cancellations there will be a Club for you to return to and support in your droves as you have done thus far . Although it is a premature ending I want to personally thank all of you for your support this season and in particular  your understanding and unwavering support of the actions of the players and the management team after the horrendous abuse suffered in that fateful Cup tie last October. I believe we have all realised that the impact of that day was far reaching and perhaps greater than we felt at the time and only with the amazing following since then have we been able to recover and get back to what we always try to do , namely ,put on a show for all of you  that will make you proud of your team.

I still get goose bumps when I see the numbers that follow us Away from home and you continue to sing throughout and there have been very few matches this season where we have given you something to sing about. I have always had a feeling of warmth for all of you who come to any Haringey match Home or Away but to see and hear that support when the team is  not doing well reinforces to me your love for the team and everyone associated with the Club is so proud of what you display at such matches.Your conduct is always exemplary and the plaudits you have got from the opposition this season is truly well deserved . Thank you.

There will come a time when a new season begins and I look forward to welcoming you all once again .

Regardless of whenever that will be and the financial cost I wish to announce that I am continuing the Free Season ticket for home matches next season which I think is the least we as a Club can do for the local community  ( and those from Muswell Hill ,Barnet and beyond  !!) at a time where so many people have suffered such financial hardship .If we as a Club can play a small part in helping people in our Community recover by the provision of entertainment at no cost then myself and fellow committee members feel privileged to be able to have played a part .

In the meantime please follow all government advice, stay home , stay safe and look after your loved ones .

Can I also make one special request and ask those of you who have contact numbers of  your fellow supporters to enquire as to their well being and if anyone needs anything and if the Club can help in any way please message the  Club through the Club website and we will do all we can .

See you all soon .