Haringey Borough FC- Statement

After an incident at last Saturday’s FA Cup match whereby some Haringey Borough supporters were offended by a flag displayed by the opposition team,  as Chairman of Haringey Borough FC I posted a statement which I now  understand has offended many people . That statement was not designed in any way to offend anyone and was only designed to make the point that as a diverse Community based Club we welcome everyone to our ground of all race , religion, creed and disability  and that if in future anyone  attended our ground and sought to display any material that offended anyone  then they would not be allowed to do so.  That was the only intent in my statement. I apologise unreservedly to anyone who was offended by my remarks as a consequence of the inappropriate language that I used in that statement . I did not in any way intend to offend anyone and I accept that my remarks have caused offence and inadvertently inflamed the situation . I  have to confess that my remarks were borne out of total ignorance and for that I apologise once again and I fully appreciate that I should have  researched matters further before commenting .

Aki Achillea


Chairman Haringey Borough FC